Building an Email List in Private Practice | Marketing Tip for Therapists

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Building an Email List in Private Practice | Marketing Tip for Therapists

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So what’s the deal with email lists? What even are they and why should you consider having one? The truth is, for any business an email list trumps all other forms of marketing when it comes to growing your sales. This applies to us therapists in private practice as well! In the video I cover the “why” and some of the “how” of building an email list in private practice.

This video is geared for therapists of all kinds, including psychologists, MFTs, LPCCs, social workers, and others in the clinical counseling field.

Welcome to Private Practice Skills! I’m Dr. Marie Fang, psychologist in private practice. I post videos offering tools I learned the hard way about starting and growing private practice so that you don’t have to.
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This video is not intended as professional or legal advice. Be sure to seek the services of a professional if you are in need of them.

Growing your email list is incredibly valuable. It’s far more valuable than growing your following on social media, because Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc OWN your followers and can change their algorithms whenever they want. But with an email list, you own those emails and you can contact your list at any point, even if your Instagram totally loses traction.

The best way to reach your target market with your content is through email.

Through email, I average about a 40% open rate. That’s more than 6 times the percentage of people who see my posts on insta.

Why does this matter? Being able to be in the inbox of your networks of current and past clients as well as people you’re connected with (even friends and family!) will help you be top of mind when someone is looking to come to therapy for the first time, return to therapy, or recommend a therapist to a loved one. Being inside people’s inboxes with helpful tools every week will help build trust and will make you the go-to person people refer to.

Okay. So now the seemingly daunting task of starting an email list.

Pick an Email Service Provider. This is the service that collects email addresses for you and allows you to design and schedule the emails you send to your list. There are many options out there, but I’ve found Mailchimp to be super user-friendly, and it’s free up to 2,000 subscribers.

Once you have an email service provider set up, the question is: how do you get people to subscribe? Do NOT add people to the list without their permission. The land of the internet has strict rules about this. This leads us to step 2: Creating a freebie or freemium. As an incentive for people to sign up, it helps to give away free & helpful content in exchange for someone’s email. You want your freebie to be relevant to your niche as a therapist.

How do you make the link between your freebie and getting people on your email list? Landing pages are the ticket. With a tool like mailchimp, you can create a landing page. A landing page is a link affiliated with your email service provider that allows them to collect emails.

Create a welcome email. Once people sign up for your freebie, you want them to hear from you right away in their inbox. Create a message that automatically sends when someone signs up for your list. In your message, let people know what to expect from you in their inbox and how often to expect to hear from you.

Find places to market your freebie. This is called a call to action. Put a link to it everywhere: in your blog posts, on social media, on your website, in your email signature. Make sure the freebie is relevant to the content you’re sharing on a particular post.

Send regular emails. Come up with a routine for how often you are in contact with your email list – whether it be weekly or monthly. A great tip is simply to recap your latest blog posts or other work you’re putting out into the world.

Future pro tip: if you ever want to expand your avenues of revenue in the future, you now have an ever-growing list of people listening to what you have to offer. If you have an e-book, e-course, workshop, or other item to advertise in the future, you can send it to your email list.

Ta-da! Now you have what you need to be on your way with email lists. You don’t have to get it perfect to start with. Start small and don’t try to take on too many items at once.

I hope this video lights an interest in starting your own email list for your private practice.


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