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Why is it so important to build an email list for your business? Email list building and email marketing can be a great way to grow your revenue by increasing leads, converting a higher number of your leads into customers and turning first-time customers into loyal customers.

Email marketing services we use and recommend:

TheFigCo Online

Why is email list building so important? Building an email list can be a great way to grow your sales and create a loyal customer base. Email is the most effective way to continually reach your customers / potential customers.

Low cost or free – you can get started with MailChimp for free until you have 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month. If you’re not on a budget, we recommend using Convertkit. If you’re you’d like me to do videos showing you how to use either of those email services leave me a comment below and I’ll happily create those videos.

Easy to use – you can send mass emails to your clients or potential clients that are 100% text add images etc, the email services I mentioned earlier are both fairly user-friendly.

Reach – currently, on social media, you’re lucky if you’re reaching a few percent of your followers with any given post. It’s really tough to reach 20%, 30%, 50% of your audience, but those numbers aren’t unheard of with email open rates. You may have 20% of people 1) read your email and then 2) clicks on a link sending them to your website.

Lifespan/searchability – People don’t like unread emails, your sent email is sitting in their inbox waiting to be read, also it’s searchable so someone might find an old email of yours for the first time months later or open it to revert back to.

Drive traffic to grow other social networks or to your website – YouTube, for example, rewards you for bringing traffic from other sources to your YouTube
Few design restrictions – No character limits, link to where you want, etc. We recommend text emails because it is more like the email you’d have with a colleague, friend or family member instead of a billboard selling you something (too much design).

Create marketing and sales funnels – a sequence of messages designed for someone just getting to know your business or a particular product or service you offer.

Segment – Send offer to top customers, send email to not yet customers, customers who haven’t bought anything in 6 months. You can uses lists, segments or tags to decide what specific group within your email list you want to target with a given message.

Security / Back-Up Plan – A lot of businesses or individuals have a large following on social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) or rank high for certain phrases on Google. Each of those are great ways to grow an audience and generate traffic, but what if Google changes search algorithm or your favorite social media changes who it shows your posts to, what’s your back up plan of how to reach this audience?

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