How to Build an Email List Fast with a Landing Page – Email List Building Strategies

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How to build an email list from scratch?

How to build your first email marketing list the easy way?

My video explains the examples to build your email list the right way.

Here is the email list building strategies.

Create a landing page!

Your landing page is the place where your users first engage with your content.

On your landing page, create the lead magnet, call-to-actions, and the web form to capture your website visitors email addresses.


WordPress – Build the landing page with WordPress.

You will also need an email program such as Mailchimp, Aweber, etc.

Optional tools:

Leadpages – You may build your landing page with only WordPress, or some other website builders or website CMS (content management systems). But you can simply use Leadpages, or any other builders that are specifically designed to create landing pages.

How to get traffic to your new landing page (of your website)?

Understand the traffic sources that are available for you to begin with – Especially the free traffic sources (more than 200+).


Always: First, start with using the free methods to get traffic (real people) to your website.

Only after you have built up some steady traffic over time, then consider buying traffic with placing ads – Such as Google Ads or Facebook advertising.

Another concept to follow is, having built up traffic to your website, and having a web form to capture the email addresses (or leads) is great. But it should be supported by some kind of automation to keep up your efficiency when workload gets heavy.

How to automate your marketing efforts?

The end goal is to increase leads and conversions, thus improve ROI.

Set up marketing automation based on the 15 strategies that are mentioned:

Marketing Automation

Lead generation or list building is only the first step to your online business success. The ultimate end goal should be to convert the leads into customers who buy your products or services.


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